Sending prayers out to Aimee Copeland, a Georgia graduate student, and Lana Kuykendall, a new mother of twins in South Carolina. Both of these women are bravely fighting a mysterious flesh-eating disease. Aimee has already lost her left leg and there is now talk she’ll lose all of her fingers. They’ve yet to release any additional information on Lana. I can’t imagine the pain they are going through and the pain their families are going through at this very moment. Aimee and Lana’s stories got me to thinking about those of us walking around with soul-eating, happiness-devouring, blessing-burning diseases, those which are no less mysterious, and still, they have a way of eating us out of a ful

Morning Pages 1

Julia Cameron, author of the Artist’s Way, encourages writers to write morning pages before their day begins. They’re supposed to be handwritten every day, but I’m a bit of a rebel. They’re also meant to be private, but I’ve been private for quite a while. I think it’s time to reveal some things that want revealing. That’s what morning pages are about. Revealing things that you hide from yourself. I woke up today excited about this blog! I surprised myself by actually letting go of all of the doubt and fear and starting my blog. I’d been thinking about it for a while, but I kept asking myself, “What exactly do you have to say? Who wants to hear what you think?” Now, as I sit typing, I realiz

Morning Pages 2

Before I opened my eyes this morning, I felt the heaviness that comes with being overwhelmed. The semester is over, which means there will be grading, lots of grading. I’m organizing for my Summer Happening Camp which means class schedules, brochure proofing, organizing menus, and the dreaded budget. I’ve gotta plan for a trip that I don’t really want to go on, clean the fish tanks, clean the house, get the kids set for their summer break, and prepare to let my oldest, my man (child) 😦 head off to Chicago for college in August. Not to mention I may be teaching two summer classes, if they make, and I still have this dang spasm in my neck. That heaviness was enough to make me stay in bed

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