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The Gifts We Hide

For years, I kept my diplomas in a drawer. May have been imposter syndrome or the fear of feeling I would be bragging if I drew attention to them or myself. I just kept them tucked away and moved on to the next goal.

Until I got into a writing rut and decided to pull them out, to frame them, and let them serve as evidence of my work, of God’s work in me. If I could earn all those degrees, I could continue the good work. That got me to wondering, why are so many in our beautiful community taught to remain small, to hide their gifts, not knowing the encouragement we could be giving ourselves, giving to others.

I’m putting mine out there today because they are great accomplishments. A little girl from Lincoln Park projects, in Portsmouth, Virginia learned how to work there first and she is still working today and I’m dang proud of her! Proud of you all too! What gifts, accomplishments are you hiding today? Let me congratulate you on a job well done!


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